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Youth Mentorship Program:

OSCAY Youth Mentorship Program:

The goals of our mentorship program are to increase school attendance, increase academic performance, decrease acts of risky behaviors and decrease suspension.


Improving relationships between the youth, their peers and adults Boosting youths perception of his own academic abilities and talents.

Improving Attitudes About Learning:

Operation save Canadian youth mentoring program is unique because it combines the psychological and educational benefits of having a mentor with early exposure to various careers. Our Mentors will help the youths build their confidence and self-esteem in different areas in their life also assists them in overcoming social, emotional and cultural challenges.

Who Are Our Mentors?

Our mentors are university and college students who want to make a difference in the community .They give back by providing an at risk-kids with guidance, support and a positive influence and role model

Mentors are also fully supported by a staff social worker for the duration of the mentorship connection, as well as ongoing, staff support. We also connect through our Parent Support Workers, who obtain periodical updates from the family regarding the match and help to troubleshoot issues as they arise.

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