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Our Services and Programs

OSCAY strives for a comprehensive and holistic approach to the provision of services, based on an understanding of the requirements of each service user, displays compassion and creates a safe environment for our youth, regardless of their race, colour, faith, gender, sexual orientation, age and ability.

We empower our youth/families to become agents of change and contributing community members.

Staff, volunteers and OSCAY work together to identify, discuss issues/concerns and develop actionable activities, develop, provide services and programs to meet the needs of the community and promote community participation.


Expressive Art Program:

We Encourage youth to express their emotions through their own creativity and imagination in a multimodal therapeutic approach.

Single Parent Support:

OSCAY Empowers single- parents through workshops that focus on healthy nutrition, cleanliness and financial budgeting.

Design Your Own Future:

Our staff allow youth to explore their true discoveries of their strengths and skills through developing goals in a future forward plan.

Managing Behaviours in School Environment:

We Encourage youth with a positive behaviour outline plan including triggers and procedures. Also, practice accountability with the youth to ensure safety within a school- based setting.

Pathway to Success:

OSCAY directs new comers with any kind of obstacle they may be facing such as residency, career-building and social networking.

Youth Mentorship Program:

The goals of our mentorship program are to increase school attendance, increase academic performance, decrease acts of risky behaviors and decrease suspension.

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