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Pathway to Success:

We provide the key support to our youth for their everyday living.

OSCAY directs youth with any kind of obstacle they may be facing such as social anxiety, depression and even residency. On a weekly basis, OSCAY practices self care routines with our youth. More specifically, we interact with youth to understand how they incorporate self- care into their everyday lives.

Throughout this program, “Pathway to Success” we go into depth of physical, social, mental, spiritual and emotional self care exercises. For example, we implement daily fitness and nutrition for physical activity, reading exercises, meditating simply through having youth visualize themselves at a calm spot, engage with one another through group discussions to reduce social anxiety and lastly mindfulness practices (deep breaths and in and out & goal setting).

With self care practices we often speak about how it can affect our brain and mental health. We help youth improve in their eating habits, sleeping routines as well as school participation with the use of healthy coping mechanism strategies.

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